Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mt. Evans HC

It's was a day the mountain goats dominated the landscape, where the thin air got thinner with each pedal stroke, and the reward to the challenge of Mt. Evans was a sense of survival and "The View". Each season, over a thousand cyclists or "mountain goats" as you put it, raced from Idaho Springs to the Summit of Mt. Evans. The race, also known as The Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb, in honor of a true mountain goat, is held every year and gives every finisher bragging rights and a story of survival. Today, the weather was exceptional...sunny, cool and just perfect.

The first race started with the Citizans race. The first rider of the day came in and rode by like the wind...a tail wind. Then, the next few riders...then, unexpectedly, Tom Danielson. I think after that moment, I had my work cut out as rider after rider began to crank away to the finish a few switchbacks up the road.