Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ideal Market & Twin Peaks Mall Crit Series Tonite!

Hot off the press from Barry Lee of Sanitas Sports is the Ideal Market  and Twin Peaks Mall p/b Whole Foods Market and Newmark Merrill Crit Series course map!  The Thursday night crit series is being held in the vacant parking lots and feeder roads of the ghost mall Twin Peaks Mall from April 25th through August 15, 2013.  

The change in venue from 2012 Wednesday night series to its present location at the Twin Peaks Mall in Longmont should allow for greater flexibility in courses resulting in challenging racing through the season, greater accessibility for riders between Boulder and Fort Collins areas, and exposure for future mall redevelopment...not your typical office park crit!  According to Barry, the inaugural event will host festivities for kids and adults, including expos, live music, with the the Mayor of Longmont being present.  

Race report and photos to follow tonites events!

Race Flyer and Course Map:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weld County RR - A View from Outside the Box

The Weld County RR in its first year had a little dirt with a lot of interesting rolling scenic asphalt road and no significant wind did not disappoint me from behind the lens.  A few crashes, a few mechanicals, and a pot hole here and there kept race officials and broom vehicles a little busy, but is the norm for a road race in Colorado. 

The mens & womens Pro 12 races were marred by numerous successful breaks, chase groups, and content fields... According to my sources, the mens Pro 12 race was difficult from the gun and compounded by the dirt and a slight tailwind on the back side of the course.  I am sure everyone has their war stories. The womens race splint into a 4 women break with two chasers and then the field.  I'll update this brief report after the final results are posted.

Photo Gallery: Weld County RR Photos

Friday, April 19, 2013

USGP of Cyclocross Series to Discontinue

VeloNews reported the USGP will be discontinued for 2013-2014.  According to USGP organizers Joan Hanscom and Bruce Fina, several of the races will remain and turned over to local organizers:  the Sun Prairie Gran Prix in Wisconsin, Deschutes Brewery Cup in Oregon, Derby City Cup in Louisville, and Fort Collins Cup in Colorado.  The series was dissolved due to a sponsorship shortfall, even though Trek remained.   More on VeloNews:

Weld County RR - Pre-Race Report

The Weld County Road race, a Rocky Mountain Cup Silver event, will be held on April 20, 2013.  On April 17, 2013, I did a recon for photoshooting the race. Here is a little course info I passed on to some of the racers:

CR44 is dirt and drops in elevation with lots of poor lines due to washboard and "pot hole" conditions, most notable the last 600 meters.  Standing water was observed on the road as of Wednesday. CR19 is a gradual downhill with rolling hills, loses elevation and will be VERY fast with a tailwind until you hit a VERY FAST downhill left turn on CR38...BE VERY CAREFUL here.

After you make a left on CR38, the course runs along a shallow river valley to the St. Vrain Power Plant, where you then start a slow uphill grind the rest of the course.  It will be a fast course until you begin a gradual ascent from the power plant.  The real racing starts when you make a right (west) on to CR34, where there will likely be a headwind and rolling terrain.
CR34 to CR17 is rolling but will likely have a headwind, then crosshead wind on CR17, where there will be gutter action along with a gradual uphill grind with large rollers to the finish. Again, if it is windy, expect serious gutter action if teams get their act together. 

I can see a break happening early, and the rollers will conceal the break some of the race.  One thing is the dirt section had no real line and riders will be all over the road.  Stay near the front when on the dirt.  If the fields are big, I can see the rubber band snap here and split if there is a tailwind and the riders at the front gun it when they hit the pavement.  The rollers are no advantage to climbers, but the course is a power riders ride.  Conserve on CR19, till you reach the power plant.