Friday, May 3, 2013

The Koppenberg Circuit Race - Updated Conditions

The Koppenberg Circuit Race, promoted by Without Limits, will be held on Sunday, May 5, 2013 on the historic circuit which includes the infamous "make or break" Koppenberg Hill. The Kopp has been know to be rutted, gravelly, smooth, to just plain tough. One of the keys to success at the race is to be near the front going into the brutal little climb and staying there, especially during windy conditions, until you get around the first "S" turn. Even Taylor Phinney did not win The Kopp. 

Intel Report: the Kopp and dirt roads have been graded as of this Friday, D minus 2 days. As a notable rider hinted, "...if you don't like gravel, don't ride the Kopp..."

Latest Intel from Without Limits:  Washy spots will be swept in the am. Hill 100% dry as of 6pm, top is rutted so it's a fight for the good lines. Grading took away all the washboard which is a plus and covered all the nails on the bridge

Some key notes regarding the course:  
- hit The kopp Hill near the front. There are usually two lines up the hill, sometimes one depending on conditions.
- if windy, expect crosswinds from the west along the dirt section after The Kopp, and a fast tailwind after making a right onto Marshall Rd.
- DANGEROUS last corner if going into it hot. A very fast corner, and a history of crashes.

See you guys and gals out there, but from behind the lens!  

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