Friday, May 17, 2013

A Stoner's Ward, Colorado

Ward, known as a historic mining town, turned hippie town, turned hippie with a yuppie twist, is a stopping point to chill and grab a coke or a warm coca or a snickers bar after a bonk at the top of one of the better known climbs along the front range...Lefthand Canyon.  The ride from Boulder up Lefthand Canyon is on all serious cyclists ride list for climbs.  

The Town of Ward has its roots dating back to the 1860's when the Colorado Gold Rush began after the neighboring town of Gold Hill struck the "mother load". Ward followed suite after gold was discovered nearby and the towns population swelled to over a couple of thousand...a stark contrast to the towns current population of a couple of hundred.  One of Wards landmark is the "bus" parked near the west end of downtown.  According to the locals, the bus belong to a hippie named Bill Stone.  He drove his bus from somewhere, came to Ward and decided this was his town to plant his wheels, and permanently parked it at its present location.  The local store owner, who resided in Ward for over 27 years said Mr. Stone was a stoner, artist, and local good guy.  He lived in his bus, created a patio surrounded by old wood, skis, boots, etc. Mr. Stone has since passed away, but he has left his mark on Ward with its "iconic" rural hippie landmark.

Here are a few photos of Mr. Stone's home, studio, social gathering place, and landmark taken on May 16, 2013.  All photos are strictly © Dejan Smaic 2013.

Broken Dreams.  Inside the bus.

Freewheeling times.

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  1. Gripping images Dejan! Thanks for sharing.